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3 Tips For An Accessible Bathroom


When putting together your dream home, don't forget to spend a little bit of extra time designing the bathroom. This is especially necessary if you plan to stay in this home through your golden years. You will want a bathroom that is spacious and nice now, but can also provide you maximum usage if you ever suffer any mobility challenges as you age. The following tips can help you with the design.

Tip #1: Choose a wider layout

Space is the most important feature in your bathroom, whether you plan to be bathing children in it today or possible maneuvering into it with a wheelchair later. Opt for wider doorways along with a larger space between the fixtures so you can turn around when using a mobility aid if necessary. Changing the width of doorways is the hardest adjustment to make down the road, so err on the side of wider when you first design your home.

Tip #2: Select the right shower

A barrier-free shower is the best option for your bathroom if you want a dedicated shower unit. Unlike other types of showers, there is no lip that needs to be stepped over. Modern designs are attractive. They are usually equipped with gently sloping floors that angle toward the drain so there is no water leakage issues. You can also get them with glass doors that open fully – the seal is on the bottom of the door to further keep water inside. If it ever becomes necessary, you can equip the barrier-free shower with a bench and you will have a fully accessible shower stall.

Tip #3: Go with the open vanity

An open vanity doesn't have a cabinet beneath it. Instead, it is designed so you can place a vanity chair there if desired. This is especially helpful in front of the sink if you ever need to use a wheelchair, since you will be able to wheel the chair so your knees are under the vanity and you can easily reach the sink. It is also helpful to be able to sit in a chair to tend to hygiene practices or to put on makeup if you are ever mobility challenged.

Although you don't need to install every mobility device, such as handrails or an elevated ADA-approved toilet, ensuring that the basic framework is in place at the time of you build can save you a major remodeling down the road as you begin to age. Then, all you will need to do is make minor changes to make the bathroom fully accessible. For more information, talk to a professional like Accessible Solutions.


13 September 2016