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4 Signs Of Eating Disorders


Eating disorders affect millions of people all across the United States, and it's not just affecting women and girls, this disorder affects men and boys as well. Eating disorders can be very well hidden by the individual, making it sometimes difficult to diagnose. If you suspect someone you know or love is suffering from an eating disorder, try your best to get them the help they need. See below for some signs of an eating disorder.

1. Constantly Talking About Food Or Nutrition

If they are talking about food in a negative way, such as calling certain foods "bad" or if they are always talking about or researching how many calories are in every single thing they eat, it could be a sign of a disorder. Although some people do count calories, obsessing over how many calories are in the gum they are chewing is more than just counting calories for dieting.

2. Avoiding Social Situations

Avoiding social situations that may call for eating can also be a sign. Some people avoid these situations so as to not have to eat in public (or at all if they are starving themselves). Avoiding a social occasion may also be due to hiding their weight loss (which may be extreme) to avoid being "caught" and found out about.

3. Lying About Eating

You may hear "I've already eaten", "I'm just not hungry", or "I'm sick to my stomach" a lot from a person suffering from an eating disorder. They are trying to convince you they are eating and are healthy, again so as to not be found out about. This person may also lie about their weight loss, even wearing multiple layers of clothing to hide their weight loss.

4. Working Out And Checking Weight Obsessively

This person may be working out in an obsessive manner to burn off any calories they may have consumed, or trying to burn off extra in an attempt to lose weight faster. In this case, you may begin to notice they are weak, possibly even passing out from dizziness. You may notice the person weighing themselves each time they go to the bathroom, every morning and night, and all hours throughout the day. You may even notice the person pinching their skin in an effort to measure how much "fat" they have on themselves.

Eating disorders are seen in both males and females and can happen at any age. Keep an eye out for any of the signs above and try to get the person professional help. To learn more, contact a residential service for eating disorders


9 May 2017