4 Signs Of Eating Disorders


Eating disorders affect millions of people all across the United States, and it's not just affecting women and girls, this disorder affects men and boys as well. Eating disorders can be very well hidden by the individual, making it sometimes difficult to diagnose. If you suspect someone you know or love is suffering from an eating disorder, try your best to get them the help they need. See below for some signs of an eating disorder.

9 May 2017

Tips for Making Menopause Easier


Menopause can be a frustrating time for a woman as she undergoes a number of physical, mental, and emotional changes. Luckily, menopause does not have to be miserable. There are many ways to feel happy and healthy while going through such a major change in life. If you're approaching menopause or currently experiencing it, use the following tips to make your life easier. Don't Be Afraid to Talk to Your Doctor

6 January 2017

3 Tips For An Accessible Bathroom


When putting together your dream home, don't forget to spend a little bit of extra time designing the bathroom. This is especially necessary if you plan to stay in this home through your golden years. You will want a bathroom that is spacious and nice now, but can also provide you maximum usage if you ever suffer any mobility challenges as you age. The following tips can help you with the design.

13 September 2016

4 Ways To Make Your Loved One's Life With Alzheimer's Easier


Alzheimer's can be a devastating disease—not just for the person suffering from it, but for the people involved with that person's life, as well. Many people believe that Alzheimer's has robbed their loved one's personhood away from them, and that they're not able to recover that sense of person throughout the entirety of the rest of their life. It is important to remember that it is fine to feel this way, but your main concern should be about maintaining your beloved's quality of life and attempting to maintain the standard of life that they once had.

2 February 2016

Getting Through A Job Loss


Even when the economy is on the upswing, layoffs and firings are bound to happen. Most people will experience this in their lifetime once they have entered the job market, but not all people handle it the same. While some people can quickly jump back into the job market and score a great new job, others will allow their grief to get them down. Not only is your income at stake when you lose your job, but your identity and social life can be hurt as well.

9 September 2015

Factors To Consider When Choosing An Inpatient Treatment Center


Making the decision to go to an inpatient treatment center can be stressful because you are giving away your freedom in order to get well. One way to reduce this level of stress is to make sure that you choose the center that is best for your needs. Here are some factors to look for when you are choosing an inpatient treatment center. 1. Location One factor to look at is location.

14 July 2015